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The teams and start waves for The Railway Relay 2021 are as follows:


Number Team Type Wave
14 'NDRC Team D' Mixed 1000h
1 'Jog Scotland Hatton Team 1' Mixed 1000h
3 'Hatton team 3' Mixed 1000h
7 'Run Netball Run' Female 1000h
12 'NDRC Team B' Mixed 1030h
16 'JSK Ultras' Mixed 1030h
15 'NDRC Team E' Mixed 1030h
4 'First Class' Mixed 1030h
17 Cruden Coasties Mixed 1030h
9 'Ellon AAC Ladies B' Female 1100h
2 'Jog Scotland Hatton Team 2' Male 1100h
5 'JSK Wifies' Female 1100h
6 'Craig troup' Male 1100h
11 'NDRC Team A' Mixed 1100h
10 'Mac and the Merrymen' Mixed 1200h
13 'NDRC Team C' Male 1200h
8 'Ellon AAC Ladies A' Female 1200h