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I normally enjoy writing a race report every year promptly after the event. However a busy work period and an imminent house move conspired together to make it one of those jobs I didn't get around to at the time. I'm writing this now in May of 2022.

It was an amazing day as always with an abundance of smiles at the finish. This year we had a healthy seventeen teams; a number I was very happy with considering what we had all been through with Covid and the understandable caution people were still exercising as we got back to normal activities.

Aberdeenshire Larder did a great job with the BBQ and generously donated £100 towards our cause, Ellon Parks Improvement Committee (EPIC).  This meant a total donation of £400 to EPIC towards their aim of installing a swing set in Auchterellon Park.  They got that swing set installed and continue to do great things for the local parks.


Steven G

Race Director - The Railway Relay



Number Team Type Time
8 Ellon AAC Ladies A Female 03:02
9 Ellon AAC Ladies B Female 03:42
5 JSK Wifies Female 03:46
7 Run Netball Run Female 05:35
6 The Revengers Male 02:54
2 Jog Scotland Hatton Team 2 Male 03:07
13 NDRC Team C Male 03:13
16 JSK Ultras Mixed 03:12
10 Mac and the Merrymen Mixed 03:17
11 NDRC Team A Mixed 03:26
4 First Class Mixed 03:34
12 NDRC Team B Mixed 03:41
15 NDRC Team E Mixed 03:45
17 Cruden Coasties Mixed 03:59
14 NDRC Team D Mixed 04:03
1 Jog Scotland Hatton Team 1 Mixed 04:04
3 Hatton team 3 Mixed 04:55