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Due to Covid-19, the normal Peterhead to Ellon Railway Relay was cancelled and instead a virtual challenge was offered.  The challenge was to cover 26.5 miles as a team during the weekend of 1st-2nd August.  The aim was to have something in the calendar to look forward to and an opportunity to connect with family and friends with a shared goal.

On my side there were definitely lessons learned.  I decided to manage event entry myself because I was unhappy with the rates the usual service providers were charging for low cost events.  There were a handful of people who experienced problems with entry and/or payment so I can only apologise for that.  I believe every enquiry was resolved but hopefully you all know just to get in touch if it turns out you have been missed.

I was pleased to hear from people over the weekend with their total times and comments saying they had enjoyed the occasion.  Doing the admin for an event like this is not very exciting, but I derive a great deal of satisfaction when people say they have enjoyed themselves.  I think we need as much of that as possible during these difficult and odd times.

In the interests of making things a bit simpler I decided not to award the team trophies this year.  If nothing else it eliminated the time and cost involved with packing and posting the shields around.

The results list is below.  If your team doesn't appear on there then please nudge your team leader, or if the team leader has been in touch but I've overlooked it then please nudge me again.  A huge well done to absolutely everyone.  I really hope we get to do the real thing again in 2021.

Steven G
Race Director - The (Virtual) Railway Relay


The CRAG four 02:40
Running on Empty 02:44
Maxwell House 02:59
Tangerine Dream 03:09
TRC team 03:23
Sole Sisters 03:23
Jogscotland Rosemount A 03:36
Chafing the Dream 03:39
Graham and the Pacemakers 03:41
Blazing Glory 04:05
Derailed 04:14
The Flying Scotsmen 04:19
First Class 04:19
Tena Ladies 04:20
Gradzillas 04:24
Jogscotland Rosemount Z 04:31
Pimp my Stride 2 04:33
Crazier Chiccas 04:33
Crazy Chiccas 04:34
Craziest Chiccas 04:34
Running out of Steam 04:42
Cambuslang Jogscotland 04:47
Pimp my Stride 1 04:58
Hurtle and Blister 04:59
Off the trails 05:09
Netball Running Club 05:15
Turra Trail Trippers 05:20
Taysmilers 05:25
Keep Moving Forward 05:26
Scrambled Legs 06:30
The Aytons 10:27